Model J - The versatile tilting frying pan


  • Fast reaction times
  • High heat output
  • Even heat distribution
  • Electric height adjustment (option)
  • Available on a pillar or stand
  • Hinged, balanced lid
  • Electric tilt function
  • Stepless, thermostatic heat control
  • Three sizes
  • Two depths
  • Two zones on the medium-sized and largest models


  • Height adjustment
  • Separate lid
  • Stand-mounted
  • Side shelf


The versatile tilting frying pan

The Model J pan is a very versatile tilting frying pan which can be used for frying, sautéing and braising meat, rice and vegetables.


The tilting frying pan is made from stainless steel, while the pan insert is made from strong, glass-blown steel. For optimal hygiene the tilting frying pan is also available with a stainless steel pan insert. Beneath the pan insert is an aluminium plate, which ensures an even distribution of heat from the densely packed, powerful heating elements.


The lid is hinged and balanced with a gas spring, making it easy to open and preventing it from accidentally falling down. The electric tilting function is standard equipment, making emptying and cleaning the pan easy and safe.


The tilting frying pan is available in three sizes, two pan depths and as a pillar- or stand-mounted version. You can therefore be sure that there is a model to suit both the size of your kitchen and its cooking needs.


The medium and large models are both fitted with two separate heating zones, so that it is possible to cook in one zone and keep the food hot in the other at the same time.


If required, the tilting frying pan can be fitted with electrical stepless height adjustment, so that the user can adjust the working height in just a few seconds. The tilting frying pan can also be fitted with a shelf on the side, which moves up and down with the tilting frying pan.


The tilting frying pan can be supplied for 3~230 V, 3~400 V, 3~400 V+N or 3~440 V, or other voltages on request.



Electric height adjustment helps to make using the pan ergonomic.

Brochure for tilting pans (pdf)

Technical data for Model J (pdf)